Ausglass Industries  offers a wide range of glass products which include low-E coating glass, reflective glass, toughened glass, ceramic frit coating glass, laminated glass, double glazed glass, bullet-proof glass, curved tempered glass, fire rated glass, silver mirror and decoration glasses.

Ausglass Industries, low emissivity coated glass also known as Low-E glass, is a kind of environment protection glass. The Low-E glass offers high penetration percentage similar to that of the annealed glass. The low emissivity glass reduces the consumption of power and has no negative affects on lighting.

Low-E glass absorbs infrared heat and has a high reflection level providing heat insulation and protection. Low-E coated glass are available in light blue, french green and modern grey colours and used for all commercial and residential architectures.

Toughened glass, from Ausglass Industries, is offered with average pressure on its surface and corresponding stress inside with good intensity. The semi-toughened glass after treatment with toughened glass resulted in the increased degree of intensity and the increase of counter heat.

The characteristic features of the emi-toughened glass include high intensity, flatness and low optic aberrance phenomenon, alters temperature, reduces risk of injury when the glass is destroyed and is mainly used in manufacturing car, train, ships, furnitures, elevators, etc.

Ceramic Frit Coating toughened Glass from Ausglass Industries has an anti-causticity performance, can be processed into double glazing glass and laminated glass and are available in stable colours. Widely used for internal and external decorations.