Ausglass Industries , founded in 2006, provides glass and installation service. Ausglass Industries came into existance when Suzhou Juxing Glass Industries international expanded. Ausglass Industries was established to offer superior glass and installation service to the Australian building and construction industry.

Ausglass Industries is a member of Suzhou Juxing Glass Industries, a leading glass fabrication company in China from where Ausglass Industries utilised experience for residential and commercial projects to offer a complete solution from the manufacturers in installing glasses for residential and commercial buildings.

Ausglass Industries operates under the same model as Juxing's Suzhou which also manufacturesa wide range of glasses used in commercial and residential projects in Australia and around the globe. Ausglass Industries provides services equal to that of Suzhou.

Suzhou Juxing is mainly involved in the processing and manufacturing of glass adopted by the construction and other related industries.

The major products offered include low-E coating glass, reflective glass, toughened glass, ceramic frit coating glass, laminated glass, double glazed glass, bullet-proof glass, curved tempered glass, fire rated glass, silver mirror and decoration glasses.

Juxing's other glazing services include the supply and installation of different types of glass with large scaled curtain wall glass projects, glass doors, shop front glass projects.

Juxing Glass exports its products to countries like Australia, The United States of America, Japan , Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore and New Zealand.