Aspac Golf & Turf  offers customers a variety of turf products. Aspac Golf & Turf provides aera –vator which is a sportstruf aerator available in Australia. This is a unique and highly effective machine used to penetrate and shatter the hardest material and makes it easy for customers to use it. It is very much ideal for schools, racetracks, local government, turf farms and contract maintenance providers.

The other type of turf from Aspac Golf & Turf is the AGRI-vator which is used to pulverise and loosen soils without disturbing the turf and it also improves the air filtration, water and nutrients while minimising the run off into dams, lakes and streams. The AGRI- vator are designed for using it in wide acres and id ideal for turf growers, agricultural uses, hard ground aeration and race tracks. This AGRI- vator from Aspac Golf & Turf is a effective tool for seedbed preparation.

Rotoknife is another product from Aspac Golf & Turf, it is a unique turf slitter, with its cassatte any blade can be used and it is ideal for all surfaces including golf green, racetracks, and sports grounds. Rotoknife enables customers to move water, nutrients and air quickly and effectively through the silt type aeration.