The Goldlift 14.70 from Aspac Golf & Turf is able to navigate the most tricky and limited access sites and organise in a matter of seconds on slopes up to 12 degrees. This is a machine for any application with heights of 14.00 meters.

Aspac Golf & Turf manufactures goldlift 14.70 with its highest quality, for better performance, strength and easy to maintain. This goldlift 14.70 can be used in open areas and suitable for painters, sigh writers, arborists, rental companies, plumbers, builders, fire and security installation , body corporates, and for limited access specialists.

The Goldlift 14.70 from Aspac Golf & Turf has a remarkable range of movements that combines the scissor action of the three stage boom with telescopic boom and jib extension.

This enables an operator to the position the unit for comprehensive periods without constant re deployment. Every function of the goldlift is dual power, diesel engine or 240 volt electric motor.

The Goldlift 14.70 from Aspac Golf & Turf has a wide range of security features to keep operators safe, these include sensors on all pads to ensure a stable footing, a level sensor, weight sensors and pre set pressure relief valves in the hydraulic system, hydraulic stop valves, basket on and off sensors, and a range of other functions designed to remove any possible risks with at height work.