Aspac Golf & Turf  provides a wide range of woodchippers used for advanced chipping system available in the market. Aspac Golf & Turf are the exclusive distributor of Greenmech Disc blade chipping system products.

The disc blade chipping system from Aspac Golf & Turf provides major advantage of conventional chippers and can satisfy client by providing upto 600% more blade life span, it is cost effective. The disc blade chipping system from Aspac Golf & Turf does not produce more noise, it needs less maintenance and requires less power to function.

When applied, only 1/3rd of the blade area in the disc blade chipping system is used. When the chipping system is damaged by a stone or nails or any other contaminants, customers can turn the damaged section away from the cutting area. These blade chipping systems are manufactured with special chippers and a safetrack is always included while manufacturing. A trackchip is used for hilly or hard worksite application. Isuzu diesel engine is ued in all engine power units.

The disc blade chippers are designed in such a way that they can be enabled to transport with a traditional vehicles rather than trucks. These chippers from Aspac Golf & Turf can eliminate blockage with the feed rollers and chipper discs, thus preventing the materials to get stuck between the roller and cutting blades.