A good understanding of the client’s needs by ASI , plus attention to detail, a quick turnaround and an ability to make immediate changes, enabled Tupperware to project a highly professional image at the Melbourne home show and future home shows around Australia.

Two months

To create an attractive display unit for Tupperware that would reflect the image of this successful company, and be easily transportable to home shows and other exhibition sites around Australia.

In recent years, Tupperware have been using a presence at home shows, to grow their sales force and to sell their products to people not able to participate in their party plan. They were approached by ASI’s Melbourne-based Architect and Design Consultant, to consider a more permanent display unit to reflect the company's corporate image. The proposed unit was to be portable and suitable for easy movement around the country.

Previously, Tupperware needed to specially plan and decorate their space for each exhibition location. This was a time consuming exercise creating problems with consistency of standards.

With the Melbourne Home Show only weeks away, approval was given for ASI to produce a professional looking display unit with the flexibility to fit into various exhibition spaces.

Tailor-made products
Costs were able to be contained by selecting a number of ASI commodity products and avoiding unnecessary expenditure manufacturing one-off items.

The major component used was Clock, ASI's modern display and exhibition system, which is the backbone to the display unit. The three components of Clock - framed panels, tube and tube connectors - ensure that a completely portable unit can be used by Tupperware to take their display around the country with ease.

As Tupperware needs to vary their product line from exhibition to exhibition, two ASI panel-based commodity products were used as infill panels for the Clock display. ASI's flexible Slatwall merchandising system allowed Tupperware product to be positioned exactly where it was required and Ultrapuck enabled the optimum positioning of Tupperware displays without the need for cross-bar hardware. A tailor-made travelling case was also manufactured, allowing easy portability of the unit.


Once agreement was reached on the final design, the ASI team worked quickly to reach the deadline for the HIA Home Show in Melbourne. Even a last minute modification, the addition of wings for better stability, was produced overnight to the delight of Tupperware executives.

Commodity products featured:

  • Clock - modern display and exhibition system
  • Ultrapuck - for optimum positioning of store fixturing
  • Slatwall - for absolute horizontal and vertical display flexibility
  • Selection of ASI merchandising accessories