Working with one of Australia's well known golf retailers, ASI (Vic) have produced a store template that is being used in new retail outlets for Drummond Golf as it expands its representation across Australia. Each store is run by a franchise owner.

It took 12 months from the original concept drawings to completion of the first store. The design template, which is constantly evolving, is now the basis for future stores. Setting up a typical store now takes 10 to 12 weeks from template planning to installation; however this can be fast tracked if and when required.

The objective was to create an eye-catching store layout in new and refurbished Drummond Golf Stores for displaying a full range of golf clubs, clothing, bags and buggies. Also featured is Drummond's exclusive ClubFIT, where the staffs are able to use computers to deliver suitable clubs for customers at the right price.

Working on the project was one of Drummond's Directors and master franchisee, Ravi Abeyaratne, and one of ASI (Vic)'s sales representative. Between them, a template was produced for stores throughout the country.

ASI (Vic)'s experience in retail merchandising gives a better understanding of good store design and layout, traffic flow and the types of merchandise to be displayed.

ASI (Vic) work closely with the Drummond Golf franchisees to ensure that the finished product is in keeping with corporate branding. ASI (Vic) are also involved in each step of the store project, including working on layout, designing floor and merchandising plans to accommodate individual store sizes and placement of merchandise.

Stores using the new template can have the ASI (Vic) product installed and fitted by locally based tradespeople.

ASI (Vic)’s Slatwall panels were chosen for their merchandising flexibility, as every store is different in size and layout. The Slatwall panels accommodate the display of all types of merchandise, yet still allow each store to maintain its Drummond Golf corporate image.

Team Showcases and Counters were designed with a modular approach to create uniformity and to fit into the differing spaces in each store.

The PostPlus gondolas were specially designed for Drummond Golf with a unique shape and design. At least three units can be applied differently to suit individual store requirements. To maintain uniformity throughout Australia, all stores use the same colours and finishes.

Commodity products of ASI (Vic) features:

  • Slatwall - offering various vertical and horizontal merchandising flexibility
  • Team showcases and counters - for central sales counter and display
  • PostPlus - specialised H-way and 4-way floor merchandisers
  • Clock - column surrounds to enable merchandising around column supports
  • Selection of ASI (Vic) merchandising accessories