Having a dedicated pet store specialist enabled ASI to meet the specialised needs of Pets on Broadway to transform an empty space in the new Rhodes Shopping Centre, Sydney, into a modern and colourful pet store.

The duration of the project is two months. The objective is to create an attractive and modern pet store in one of Sydney's new shopping complexes, which was also safe and comfortable for the residing pets on display.


In recent years, with a special affinity with pets, and by regularly attending overseas exhibitions to ensure that the advanced animal and bird display units are available to the Australian market, ASI have developed expertise to help clients set up pet stores.

The Pets on Broadway store needed to be comfortable for the birds and animals, requiring adequate lighting, ventilation and a high standard of hygiene. These requirements needed to be balanced with the production of displays that were attractive to customers without compromising the health of the living stock. ASI were successful with their tender to completely fit out the Pets on Broadway shop for owner Bob Croucher.

Tailor-made Products

One of the significant features in the new store was the use of Aquawave. This flexible display unit can be used for displaying fish or reptiles and is now available in Australia exclusively through ASI. Aquawave, which can be powdercoated to meet any colour requirement, is proving to be well-known in pet stores throughout the country.

Craftsmen from ASI were responsible for building the individual gondolas, counters and other display units in the Pets on Broadway store.

Team showcases were designed to accommodate mesh side panels for ventilation, slide out trays for easy cleaning and hutch style base units for easy access by pet store staff. The custom-made units met the high standards demanded by the owner and specifications from the RSPCA.

Slatwall was chosen for walls and free-standing merchandising units. This flexible display system allows for effective display of the wide variety of merchandise on sale within the store.

From bags of food to pet collars, bowls and toys to grooming items, all products can be merchandised for easy viewing by customers and quick access by staff. H-way gondolas with Slatwall infill panels made efficient use of the floor merchandising area.

Commodity products featured:

  • Aquawave - the ideal aquarium and reptile display unit
  • Team Showcases - for displaying birds, cats, dogs and other small animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs
  • Post Plus - free-standing floor gondolas
  • Selection of ASI merchandising accessories