Artistic Stone  provides diverse range of mosaics, tiles and metal products. Glass mosaics designed by Artistic Stone include modern glass mosaic and mother of pearl mosaics. Artistic Stone creates various types of modern glass mosaics and some of the product names are Autumn Frost, Tulip Polished, Autumn Polished, Sea Green Polished among various others. The modern glass mosaics are available in 1x1 dimensions as well as 1x 2 dimensions in gloss and matt finishes.

The Mother of pearl mosaics designed by Artistic Stone includes Heron Island Iridescent glass, Lizard Island Iridescent glass, Macquarie Island Iridescent glass, Wilson Island Iridescent glass, Heron Island Capping Iridescent glass and Macquarie Island Capping Iridescent glass. There is Wilson Island Capping Iridescent glass, IRO 1B, Lizard Island Capping Iridescent glass also available from Artistic Stone.

The metal collection designed by Artistic Stone includes polished stainless steel, brushed stainless steel and antique copper in varied dimensions. Artistic Stone’s onyx collection includes White Onyx Tumbled, Mixed Onyx Tumbled, Octagon Onyx Tumbled, T12 Onyx Border Tumbled and Sydney Border White Onyx.

Modern glass mosaics of Artistic Stone also include Ocean Blue Pista, Outback, Outback Bolognia, Pebble Beach, Sunset Bolognia, Oak Tree, Ocean Blue, Matt Ocean Blue, Oak Tree Bolognia, Ocean Blue Bolognia and Ocean Blue Pisa.