Artistic Stone  is specialised in creating different designs and patterns in marbles. These marbles designed by Artistic Stone create an extraordinary look that ideally compliments any type of décor. The various marble compositions provided by Artistic Stone are available in the form of sheets that can be installed easily and are suitable for residential, private as well as public buildings.

The marble collection provided by Artistic Stone includes marble mosaics, marble decores, marble rosones, marble borders, bull nose, cappings, listellos and marble tiles. There are marble mosaics designed by Artistic Stone and these are Botticino, Bolognia Trav Noce, Tumbled Bolognia Trav Noce, Bolognia Exotic Peach, Tumbled Botticino, Botticino Pisa Honed and Botticino Pisa Polished. Checkerboard Trav Noce, Polished Checkerboard Trav Navona, Checkerboard Carrara, Checkerboard Mutliwhite are also a part of Artistic Stone’s marble collection.

Marble decors offered by Artistic Stone include 10 X 10 NN, 10 X 6 RB, 10 X 7RVB, 10 X 8 NNMN among others. Attractive marble rosones provided by Artistic Stone are available in 530, 534, 536, Bella, Majorca, Rosso, Noce, Giallo, Emperadore, Navona and Teneriffe designs. Artistic Stone also provides marble borders that are names 031 MCDR, Adelaide, Alice Springs, Auckland, Brisbane, Avoca, Broome, Byron Bay and Cairns. Marble tiles include Tumbled Binaci Carrara, Tumbled Botticino, Tumbled Nero Marquino, Tumbled Travertine Giallo and various others.