Artistic Stone  provides natural stone mosaics, borders, glass, metal tiles, medallions and liners. Marble pieces created by Artistic Stone have extraordinary decorative effects giving rich and original look. Artistic Stone offers different types of modern mosaic designs as well as mosaics with varied textures like metal and granite, marble and metal, marble and glass, glass and metal combinations. Mosaics provided by Artistic Stone are ideal for residential, public as well as private buildings.

Artistic Stone provides different types marble mosaics such as Bolognia Exotic Peach Tumbled, Bolognia Trav Navona, Botticino Pisa Polished and various others. Marble decors provided by Artistic Stone are available in different sizes and thicknesses. Some of the marble borders supplied by Artistic Stone include Byron Bay model, Avoca, Broome among others. Artistic Stone also provides marble tiles and marble rosones for residential and commercial use.

There is a diverse collection of tiles supplied by Artistic Stone. Some of the categories are bluestone flamed, brushed type, bluestone honed type, limestone honed type and cinza honed porcelain floor tiles. Artistic Stone also supplies a varied range of attractive glass mosaics. The Mother of Pearl series of glass mosaics include products like Heron Island Iridescent Glass and Wilson Island Capping Iridescent Glass.

Artistic Stone also provides a unique collection that includes antique copper range, brushed stainless steel range and the polished stainless steel range.