Arden  distributes ultrasonic cleaners which provide quicker and safer cleaning methodology. Ultrasonic cleaners function by transmitting ultrasonic energy to the cleaning solution. This is achieved with the help of transducers placed underneath the machine. Shock waves produced as a result of the process dislodge the soil from the surface of the contaminated particle and provide the necessary cleaning. This is an eco friendly and cost effective product.

Arden also supplies spray booths and baking ovens to the automotive and furniture industry. Conveyors offered by Arden are ideal for material handling applications. Slip track conveyors offer low noise and vibration operation. Low profile conveyors are belt driven and space saving and can be wall mounted.

Arden distributes noise reduction products which include acoustic panels, acoustic foam, acoustic enclosures. Sonex acoustic foam has a wedge shape intended for scattering, deflecting and absorbing sound energy.

Acoustic baffles from Arden are ideally suited for wetroom and cleanroom applications. Acoustifab, offered by Arden, is a woven fabric having sound absorption qualities. It is a versatile fabric which can be manufactured into decorative walls and ceiling panels. Barrier lags, from Arden, consist of barium sulphate loaded E.V.A rubber compound ideally used to reduce noise from waste water pipes in commercial and residential sectors.