Arden , established in 1979, started operations by offering contamination and dust control services and current market products that include automation components, dessicators, clean rooms, baking ovens, safety wear, fast doors, hepa filters, laminar flow cabinets, spray booths, ultrasonics and many others.

Automation components and systems supplied by Arden include robots, controllers and software products. These automation systems and components can be used for processes like material handling, assembly of small parts and various ultra precision processes. Automation product ranges also include configurable linear modules, flexible feeders, nano positioners, machine controllers and many other flexible automation equipment.

Robots marketed by Arden comprise of high speed functional robots intended to perform assembly and material handling tasks. Payloads of automated robots vary from three kilograms to 29 kilograms which can be installed in clean room environments.

Scalable linear modules distributed by Arden have features including precision ground ball screw drive mechanism and capability to handle payloads from 14 kilograms in three axis mechanism to 60 kilograms in one axis mechanism.

Flexible feeding automation systems provide a revolutionarised feeding approach. It consists of an intelligent conveyance system which is capable enough to feed small parts in random orientation, shape and size. This system does not require the usage of expensive pallets and palletizing operation.