Arden  is involved in the design and construction of cleanrooms including modular, softwall and hardwall applications for different industries. Arden supplies cleanroom apparel including shoecovers, bouffant caps, face masks, beard covers, jumpsuits and sleeves.

Face masks from Arden are made from soft and comfortable material ensuring good breathability. They have good filtration efficiency with secure fastening options. Beard covers are manufactured from spunbonded polypropylene and vaccum sealed in a controlled clean environment.

Shoe covers supplied by Arden are available in various models. Half combo shoecover has top part made of polypropylene with a compressed polyethylene bottom. The polypropylene top offers coolness while polyethylene bottom is resistant to moisture, oil and chemicals. The Dura shoecover model has a streamlined cut and is made from durable laminate material which offers slip resistance.

Lightweight sleeves are also provided by Arden which protect against contamination. Jump suits, made from polypropylene fabric at Arden, are attached with a front down zipper.

Arden supplies stainless steel gowning benches and work stations essential in the cleanrooms. Gowning benches are floor mounted benches available in custom designed sizes. Work stations are electrochemically passivated to avoid contamination. They comprise of undertop shelf, computer shelf, vacuum service lines, holders and keyboard shelf with polypropylene sides.

Arden also distributes garment cabinets and storage cabinets. Garment cabinets provide optimal storage space and consist of adjustable shelves. Storage cabinets from Arden are roomy with adjustable wire shelves and come with a HEPA filter unit to avoid contamination.