Archimage  helps clients with its architectural and urban design town planning solutions. Archimage’s services include provision of architectural designs, architectural consultancy services and 3D modeling.

Archimage’s town planning architectural services are aimed at minimising financial and environmental costs. Archimage creates architectural designs taking the environmental aspect into consideration, without compromising the function or style of the project. Archimage follows a three step procedure for developing architectural designs which includes the pre design stage, design development stage and finally the discussion of terms and conditions with the clients.

Archimage also provides consultation services in various areas including public art, project assessment, architectural design and urban design.

Archimage also serves clients with its architectural designs and urban designs created with its ArchiCAD software. To give a clear picture of the designs developed, Archimage creates 3D models of the architectural designs and urban designs.

Archimage also offers shadow diagrams, 3D model perspectives and views and photographic type renderings of the architectural designs and urban designs. The 3D models from Archimage can be incorporated with the existing structures, proposed structure, vegetations, roads, water systems and topographic levels.