Archimage  provides architectural and town planning solutions for clients. Archimage provides ideal town planning solutions with its urban designs and urban design assessment services. Some of Archimage’s urban projects include Northcode arcade, Bangkok port, Baucau East Timor, Melbourne port and Outer urban residential developments.

Archimage offers urban designs that enhance and reassert public area. The urban design projects of Archimage are designed to offer entertainment, social and business interactions. Archimage aims at creating urban space by responding to the diverse needs of the urban population. Archimage incorporates public convenience into its urban planning process and designs cities for the benefit of the people. Urban planning reflects the provision of adequate space for public to interact freely. Archimage urban designs also reflect streets which connect people and offers ease of living.

Archimage works in collaboration with environmental planners, town planners, public artists, engineers, project managers and the community in order to offer efficient architectural and town planning solutions. Archimage offers urban design assessment for local councils and developers.
Archimage also works partially or as a team with landscape architects, engineers, community groups, planners, council officers, councilors and consultative bodies