Archimage  is a specialist in developing architectural designs and urban planning. Archimage has successfully completed many urban projects, residential projects, public projects and public art work. The projects done by Archimage are cost effective and stylish while retaining the functionality of the purpose. Archimage is also an active member of architects for peace.

Archimage services include 3D modeling, consultancy services for urban planning, assessment of urban design and architectural design development.

Beatriz is the principle architect of Archimage, who works in collaboration with professionals in the area of public art, urban design and town planning. Javiera Maturana is the town planner of Archimage and Blair Shoniker is the environmental planner.

Archimage has successfully completed public building projects at Snake Gully Pavilion, Northcote Town Hall, Annie Dennis M&CHC and Radcliffe Pavilion. Archimage’s residential projects include Bank Place Melbourne CBD, Ailsa Court Balwyn, 107 Nunawading and Palmer St Richmond.
Archimage’s public art work include Square water, Reversed perspective, Light organ and Wondonga. The urban projects done by Archimage are Outer urban residential developments, Bangkok port, Northcote Archade, Baucau East Timor and Melbourne port.