AquaMax  440 water heater system manufactured by AquaMax is built on marine grade 316 stainless steel cylinders which have a corrosion resistant body that carries a ten year warranty. This system enables conversion into solar boosted gas powered installation by fitting the AquaMax solar kit, which helps to reduce the operating cost considerably.

AquaMax 440 water heater has obtained a five star energy rating. It has rapid hot water replacement due to the 40MJ capacity burner used in it, and hence allows fast hot water recovery. Water delivery control permits drawing of water in accordance with the varied water requirements of each member in the family.
Twin temperature water delivery system provides water supply in two different temperatures at two different taps. AquaMax 440 water heater is an energy efficient, external mains, pressure and quick recovery unit. It should be installed as per specifications given by the manufacturer. Operating instructions given by AquaMax should be followed strictly to ensure Australian standards.

AquaMax design and manufacture water heaters for commercial purposes with twin delivery system for drawing hot water. AquaMax dual water outlets are designed to draw two different temperatures simultaneously from he same cylinder. AquaMax provide hydronics system and loop system for commercial applications.