AquaMax  340 water heater manufactured by AquaMax has the special grade stainless steel cylinder enables to operate at high water temperature. It also permits to convert into solar boosted gas powered installation by applying AquaMax solar kit. AquaMax 340 water heater is designed for external installation. It has incorporated various patented design and product functional developments.

AquaMax 340 water heater also complies with the Australian standard for pressure and pulsation test requirements. It is environment friendly since it does not contain C.F.C.s. AquaMax water heater is energy efficient appliance. It should be installed as per the instructions given by the manufacturer. Variable water volume control provisions are also provided in this unit. Ten year warranty is offered for the stainless steel cylinder while the whole unit carries one year warranty.

AquaMax 340 water heater is fitted with two different temperature control valves to control temperature in the tank and to control temperature of water delivered from the unit. During the installation time temperature settings can be done on this water heater system.