AquaMax  located in Australia design and manufacture electric appliance for domestic and commercial purpose. Product range includes water heater systems runs on gas, electric and solar energy.

AquaMax electric mains water heaters will always provide hot water on tap and the hot water pressure will be the same in all the water taps. Factory tests have proved that AquaMax electric water heaters are suitable for house hold applications either to be installed indoors or outdoors depending on the models. .

The welded steel cylinder body made of special material provide trouble free performance and the product is backed by five year warranty. Aquamax electric water heaters are available in two models – 250 litre and 315 litres water capacity. These models are available with twin elements to supply hot water 24 hours a day.

Aquamax 390 water heater water heater is built on stainless steel cylinder and has ten year cylinder warranty. It has a five star energy efficiency rating and the temperature will not fluctuate. This stainless steel cylinder meets the pressure and pulsation test requirements of Australian Gas Association.

AquaMax 390 water heater is also solar compatible hence it can be converted into a solar boosted gas powered installation by applying AquaMax solar kit.