Water recycling company Aquacell  has launched it's modular water tanks as a standalone product for commercial applications.

Each rectangular modular water tank holds 5,000 litres and can be used in a modular system, making them ideal for tight spaces. The modular water tanks measure 1.2m wide x 2.5m long x 2.2m high and are made of recyclable polyethylene, an environmentally sound material.

CEO of Aquacell, Colin Fisher, says that his company originally developed these modular water tanks to be part of it's greywater and blackwater recycling plants. However, so many requests have been received for them as a standalone product that Aquacell is now offering them on their own.

“Our focus is on the commercial/multi-dwelling market where the tanks could potentially be used to capture and store rainwater, stormwater, firewater, cooling tower make-up, potable water, treated wastewater and more,” he says.

“Our rectangular-shaped tanks are more space efficient than round tanks and cheaper than stainless steel panel tanks. They are great for installations where space is very tight and a flexible layout is required," adds Fisher.

It is expected that these modular water tanks will be popular with plumbers, builders and hydraulic consultants as well as others who specify water tanks. Aquacell can install the tanks for customers or provide them for installation.

In addition to providing this standalone modular water tank, Aquacell builds and operates water recycling plants around for business, industry and government nationwide.

Aquacell takes an integrated approach to water recycling plants including consulting, installation and project management for commercial and new residential developments, as well as offering ongoing operations and maintenance agreements.

Aquacell plants recycle greywater; water discharged from showers, baths, basins and washing machines, and blackwater; any water that has been contaminated with water discharged from a toilet.