Aquacell's single dwelling recycling systems from Clearwater Technology allows the waste water that drains from shower, bath, washing machines and hand basins to be re-used for gardening, toilet flushing and other uses. Greywater or waste water is first collected and the water is then passed through a series of cleaning zones in the Aquacell systems.

During this stage the large particles are removed in a strainer while the heavy particles are settled at the bottom. The unique feature of this system is that air is circulated throughout the system to easily remove pollutants and prevent all kinds of odour.

Ultra filtration takes place through a special membrane with microscopic pores to prevent bacteria, particles and viruses from entering. An important feature of these single dwelling recycling systems from Clearwater Technology is that the membrane is self cleaning. Air used for preventing pollutants is used to clean the membrane as well.

Therefore the final water is produced without use of any chemicals. The last compartment in the single dwelling recycling systems from Clearwater Technology is for storing the water.

The advantage of using Aquacell systems from Clearwater Technology is that it allows saving cost and is environmentally beneficial as it helps reduce pollutants. These systems allow the water to be re used in lawns, gardens and car washing.