Clearwater Technology  offers multiple dwelling recycling systems as well. This Aquacell waste water recycling from Clearwater Technology is an apartment block basement with storage tanks and a ground buffer. This multiple dwelling recycling systems commonly known as G series is used to recycle water in hotels, apartment blocks and resorts.

These recycling systems from Clearwater Technology are widely used when greywater drainage is separated from blackwater. These untreated greywaters are collected from apartments and transferred to Aquacell buffer tank. After the water treatment, the water is then transferred back from Aquacell.

This multiple dwelling recycling systems are commonly found in car parks, plant room, secure outdoor area and basements. The final recycled greywater is clear, clean and odour free. These recycling systems are monitored regularly and are safe to use.

Clearwater Technology also offers Aquacell systems for unsewered properties. These Aquacell systems save tankering costs as it recycles water from commercial properties and household on site. Sewage recycling, rain water harvesting and multi dwelling recycling systems are offered.

Aquacell S series from Clearwater Technology is a pre-engineered sewer mining system. These sewer mining systems are available with reticulation pump sets, water storage tanks and pump stations.