The Box Thing units from Apartment Storage Systems are freestanding and stable storage systems ideal for open area car spaces or along the garage wall.

The Box Thing units can be placed in the open areas of car parks to help delineate car spaces. The freestanding units eliminate any potentially damaging attachment to the common property while storage is gained without loss of valuable car space.

Suitable for placing back-to-back or as a continuous run using shared walling, the units fit wholly within the designated car area and do not intrude on any other designated or common area. Being height adjustable, The Box Thing units accommodate all variations in floor levels as well as car sizes. This flexibility allows the product range to be adopted as the preferred storage unit throughout a building, enhancing the property’s value.

Storage systems from Apartment Storage Systems are designed to resist corrosion in salt laden coastal environments, retaining their good, clean and tidy looks for many years.

Installation of storage systems

Any installation of Apartment Storage Systems’ storage units factors in key aspects such as access, serviceability and safety fittings/devices (such as sprinkler heads and electrical panels). If the owner of a unit in the rental pool requests for an over bonnet system to be installed in their car space, it is set to maximum height to ensure any guest vehicle will fit in the space.

Apartment Storage Systems’ service offering for the Body Corporate

Apartment Storage Systems offers an obligation-free and cost-free service to aid the Body Corporate. The company’s representatives will check and measure all car spaces and potential storage areas to provide a detailed report to the Body Corporate outlining the best form of storage for each car space or storage area.

A standard application form is then provided to the management staff or Body Corporate, outlining the requirements of the applicant. Once approved, the form can be used by the applicant as an order form.