The Box Thing from Apartment Storage Systems is an innovative range of garage storage systems designed to fit any garage or car space location.

The modular design of The Box Thing overcomes any limitations posed by obstructions in car spaces and garages by offering a storage solution that fits into the environment.

Designed as secure onsite storage solutions, the garage storage systems are available in 18 standard size units in addition to a made to measure option.

Garages typically have plumbing and ducting systems located along walls above vehicle car spaces. The Box Thing is specifically designed for such locations and its modular construction allows it to be assembled to avoid plumbing and ducting lines while offering a storage solution for every garage and car space.

The Box Thing modular garage storage systems feature adjustable legs with each leg offering up to 120mm of adjustment. If the variation in floor is greater than 120mm, the leg is simply manufactured longer.

The Box Thing leg assembly has two foot positions to ensure each unit is contained wholly within each designated car space. When installing a unit, the foot is placed inside the designated car space while the leg finishes half way over the dividing line.

When the neighbouring storage system is installed, the two storage units will meet neatly to create a continuous appearance.