Apartment Storage Systems specialises in a comprehensive range of storage solutions designed to improve space, liveability and security.

Garage cabinets from Apartment Storage Systems offer an optimum solution for maximising storage. The highly versatile garage cabinets can be fitted at the head of a car park, on a balcony, beside the house or shed and in any normally unused area.

Garage cabinets feature a freestanding design and are very stable. They can be placed back to back or installed as a continuous application. Designed to fit within the designated car area, the storage cabinet will not affect access to neighbouring vehicles or impact one’s own car space. The adjustable leg/stand height means all variations in floor levels can be accommodated. Made from aluminium, the cabinets come in a powder-coated finish to resist corrosion. The garage cabinets have a storage capacity of up to 6.9 cubic metres and can hold up to 800kg.

Garage cabinets from Apartment Storage Systems can be supplied in standard lengths, widths and heights in any combination. Standard lengths include 2400mm, 2700mm and 3000mm; standard widths include 854mm and 1004mm; and standard heights include 1004mm, 1904mm and 2054mm; any combination of Length, Width and Height is available.

The garage cabinet is secured via a three point T-bar locking system.