With large quantities of combustible cladding being removed from buildings to meet compliance, it has become imperative for construction industry stakeholders to ensure the removed materials don’t end up in landfill.

There are several recycling options that are becoming available for the industry. With 3,400-plus buildings across the residential, commercial and government sectors in Australia requiring recladding, choosing the right recycling program for your project is important.

Having recently launched their recycling service, the Aodeli Recycling Program (ARP), Aodeli lists out four helpful tips for choosing the right program for your specific needs: 


Ensure that the solution you choose offers transport from either the job site or your warehouse for delivery to the recycling facility. The ARP provides tailored options for transport to suit the specific needs of each project such as containers, bins or stacked pallets. 


Ensure that the solution you are considering offers full recycling of the product. Remember, there is more to consider than just the ACP panels; there are additional waste materials also being removed such as rivets, screws, paint and glue. The ARP takes all these items into consideration as part of the recycling program. 


Ensure that the program you choose is recycling the products for reuse. This provides peace of mind for everyone concerned in the recladding project. The ARP program is dedicated to the eventual reuse of recycled materials in construction products such as compliant aluminium packers, bollards and other useful products, therefore, providing a full circular recycling program. 


Ensure that the cost of recycling is factored into your project bid. As part of the ARP, Aodeli works with customers to ensure that they include the full costs associated with recycling the combustible panels and other waste materials, and are not left out of pocket by unforeseen expenses. 

Partner with Aodeli

Aodeli’s ARP program has undergone months of development and design prior to being launched to ensure that it meets the needs of the market and their customers. As experts in the cladding industry and manufacturers of compliant cladding, Aodeli can foresee all aspects of a particular recladding project and recommend the best course of action for recycling.