In the Australian construction market, the secret to success is simple: provide your customers with quality materials and good customer service. This has been the foundation of the successful partnership between AODELI Australia, the well-known manufacturer of aluminium cladding panels, and Steel-Line Garage Doors (Steel-Line), a dominant player in the garage door industry. These two companies have been collaborating for 7 years to offer the residential market with top-tier custom aluminium garages.

AODELI and Steel-Line

The game-changer: AODELI aluminium composite panels

Since embarking on this journey, AODELI's aluminium composite panels (ACP-FR) have become a popular choice with Steel-Line customers. The ACP-FR panels used to clad the custom garage doors are high-performing and boast exceptional durability, versatility, and most importantly for customers – aesthetic appeal. It's no wonder that this line of products has been increasing in popularity.

Here's what makes AODELI's aluminium composite panels a game-changer for garage doors:

  • Superior durability: The panels are designed to withstand the test of time, proving resistant to harsh weather conditions and corrosion, which is essential in Australia’s harsh climate.
  • Unmatched versatility: The aluminium composite panels can be used in a variety of ways to achieve the required design.
  • Aesthetic brilliance: The availability and reliability of colours such as Metallic Silver, Brushed Silver, Champagne, Medium Bronze and Dark Grey, also add to the appeal.

“We are delighted to have such a strong relationship with Steel-Line. The journey started 7 years ago and has proven that our products are a popular choice when it comes to aluminium garage doors and that our service delivery and reliability is on par with what Steel-Line expects from its preferred partners," expressed Brian Gloede, General Manager of AODELI Australia.

This is a sentiment echoed by Steel-Line Garage Doors National Sales and Operations Manager, Jim Tomlin who added, "Our customers rely on us to partner with the best quality suppliers available. Our network is what helps us secure and retain our position as the largest manufacturer of garage doors in Australia."

The path ahead

Together, AODELI and Steel-Line plan to continue to redefine the building landscape, catering to the needs of consumers who desire a premium quality garage door to complement their home.