AODELI Australia (AODELI), one of the leading manufacturers of non-combustible cladding material has supplied the replacement cladding material for the first façade rectification and recladding project in Papua New Guinea (PNG) in partnership with local contractors, Savcor ART PNG Ltd (Savcor ART).

With Australia’s cladding rectification program now in its 10th year, neighbours PNG are also in the process of assessing buildings throughout the country that may have been installed with combustible cladding. The first building found to require rectification is located at Nambawan Supa Haus in Lae, Morobe Province. The 7-storey office building also houses the Australian Consulate-General (Lae) on the 4th floor.

Savcor ART reached out to Aodeli in 2021 for assistance and decided to use NCP – Non-Combustible Panels for the reclad project. “From my initial discussions with AODELI, I was impressed by their technical knowledge and service. They had several non-combustible products, which meant that we could present our client with multiple options,” explained Campbell Addison, general manager of Savcor ART. “Not only did AODELI have the products we needed but the finishes required were part of their standard range also.”

PNG facade rectification

For consistency, Savcor ART’s client wanted to retain the look of the existing exterior. After reviewing several samples, Champagne and Medium Bronze were selected. “The client was extremely happy with the outcome of the project as we were able to deliver it on time and budget, using safe materials, with all works completed by a highly skilled and locally trained PNG workforce,” added Campbell. All works were also completed under the umbrella of Savcor ART’s externally certified HSEQ management system. 

AODELI has a strong reputation for the premium manufacture and supply of non-combustible cladding products. In addition to the popular NCP – Non-Combustible Panel chosen by Savcor ART, AODELI also supplies the 3mm Solid Aluminium Panel – SAP. Both products are fully compliant with AS1530.1 and AS1530.2, use a 3-coat paint system, and are made from marine grade 5052 aluminium alloy.