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    ARP - Aodeli Recycling Program for the practical and effective recycling of cladding panels

    ARP has been specifically designed to provide a practical and effective solution to deal appropriately with the large amount of non-compliant aluminium composite cladding being removed from buildings across Australia and ensuring that this waste material is recycled where possible instead of ending up in landfill. The program is also 100% Australian owned and run and based on a sustainable Australian business model.

    As a manufacturer of non-combustible and compliant solutions to the cladding crisis currently effecting the Australian construction industry, Aodeli is well positioned to assist clients and other project stakeholders with the issue of recycling the non-compliant ACP material.

    The program provides a variety of options to customers to meet any projects specific needs and requirements. The recycling cost is often a minor part of the recladding project (generally 1% of the total cost). However, the Government has stressed the importance of reducing the impact of the recladding initiative on the environment for the benefit of current and future generations.

    The ARP is designed on a circular economy where recyclable products can be fed back into the manufacturing stage for reuse in other materials. The program is fully aligned with the Government’s key priorities to:

    • Reduce plastic and aluminium waste.
    • Remove non-compliant combustible cladding from buildings.

    The ARP provides a full solution to recycling non-compliant ACP cladding once it is removed from buildings anywhere in Australia. The program works as follows:

    • Customised transport collects panels from site/yards and delivers them to the recycling facility.
    • Panels are crushed and ground with specialist equipment.
    • Aluminium content is separated from polyethylene powder using a combination of pulse air and electrostatic separation.
    • The polyethylene is recycled into other products where its combustible properties are not an issue eg, bollards and cable covers.
    • Aluminium is recycled into other building materials.

    It is hoped that soon the recycled aluminium can be used on recladding projects such as in compliant aluminium packers to complete the full recycling loop.


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