Antique Baths  specialises in the manufacture of cast iron baths. These cast iron baths have been designed by Antique Baths by adopting the vitreous enamel technology. This company has been manufacturing cast iron baths for about 15 years. Antique Baths is headed by Steve and Sue Atherton.

Antique Baths also specialises in the restoration of old baths. Baths made from cast iron are vitreous enamelled by Antique Baths. Comprehensive range of attractive products provided by Antique Baths include Double ended interior, Boston, Petersham, Paddington, Le metters, laundary tub, Victorian Pedestial, butler sink and various types of pedestial basins such as Cambridge pedestial basin, Oxford pedestial basin, Yale pedestial basin and many others.

Antique Baths provide various types of bath feet. Bath feet designed by Antique Baths are available in solid brass, chrome over brass and painted cast iron finishes. Antique Baths also ensures that cast iron feet are not coated with chrome that would offer very less durability to the finished product. Varied designs of bath feet manufactured by Antique Baths include ball and claw foot, ball foot, gothic foot, painted cast iron foot and shell foot.