Antique Baths  manufactures cast iron baths and other products like cooking pots and sinks made from porcelain enamel. The porcelain enamelled products have several features like the ability to retain heat for a longer period of time. They are also found to be resistant to corrosion.

Antique Baths can also provide porcelain enamelling on any type of product manufactured from cast iron such as kitchen sinks, cooking pots, exhaust manifolds and many other cast iron products.

Porcelain vitreous enamelling offered by Antique Baths is similar to cast iron bath coating. In this process, a special type of glass is permanently bonded on to the cast iron product which is fired in the furnace. This results in the formation of a tough gloss finish on the surface of the cast iron product offering unique features including durability and scratch resistance that make it visually appealing.

Antique Baths also provides a varied range of bath feet. Bath feet designed by Antique Baths are available in solid brass, chrome over brass and painted cast iron finishes. Antique Baths ensures that the cast iron feet are not coated with chrome as this offers less durability to the finished product.

Varied designs of bath feet manufactured by Antique Baths include ball and claw foot, ball foot, gothic foot, painted cast iron foot and shell foot.