Antique Baths  is specialised in the manufacture of new cast iron baths. Employing the vitreous enamel methodology, Antique Baths also provides services for the restoration of old baths. Antique Baths caters to various clients including families with small children to professional people and celebrities.

Baths made from cast iron are vitreous enamelled by Antique Baths. Diverse range of stylish products provided by Antique Baths include Double ended interior, Boston, Petersham, Paddington, Le metters, laundary tub, Victorian Pedestial, butler sink and various types of pedestial basins such as Cambridge pedestial basin, Oxford pedestial basin, Yale pedestial basin and many others.

The restoration of old baths is a nine day process at Antique Baths. Antique Baths first inspects these old baths for cracks before starting the restoration process. Antique Baths does not transform the ones that are severely rusted or damaged.

Antique Baths commences the transformation process with short blasting the bath to bare metal followed by firing at 850 degree celsius. This anneals the surface and releases tension in the metal. The bath is again shot blasted followed by the application of filler in the interior of the bath. The filler functions as a bonding agent for porcelain to get adhered on to the cast irons. Exterior portion of the bath is given a coating of baked enamel on which desired colour can be painted to make it visually attractive.