After the success of its half-finger VibraGuard which provides the wearer with palm protection when using power tools and other vibrating machinery, Ansell has released the full-finger VibraGuard featuring Gelfom protection and reducing the risk of Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS), a group of conditions caused by repeated exposure of the hands to vibration.

Full-fingered VibraGuard is ideal for tasks involving vibrations at frequency levels greater than 300Hz. Up to this level, vibration is localised to the palm, however at greater frequencies, the effect of vibration is more focused in the finger area.

Reducing the effects of harmful vibration requires more than simple padding. VibraGuard integrates Gelfom composite technology and a rugged nitrile impregnated fabric to help protect workers’ hands from the harmful effects of vibrating machinery and the surrounding work environment.

Source: Building Products News.