Ansell  produces the broadest range of medical gloves in the healthcare industry. Ansell manufactures various professional healthcare products with high quality. These professional healthcare products are categorized into surgical powder-free gloves, exam powder-free gloves, specialty surgical gloves, tubing, exam powdered gloves, exam synthetic gloves, surgical synthetic gloves and wall brackets.

Ansell is the marketer and manufacturer for the synthetic and natural latex surgical and medical examination gloves across the world. The names of a few of the widely recognised brands include Encore, Gammex and Derma Prene Ultra.

Ansell provides a range of surgical gloves whose brand names are Gammex PF HydraSoft, Gammex PF, Gammex PF Micro-Thin, Gammex PF Underglove, Dermaprene Ultra, MicroThin NuTex, NuTex DermaShield and Gammex. Each type is manufactured with special features like the skin moisturser that can soothe dried skin. The gloves come with a polyurethane lining with hydrophobic and hydrophilic elements to facilitate damp donning and intra-operative changes.

These surgical gloves are manufactured with protein and endogenous allergen reduction leaching technology that reduces the risk of latex sensitisation. The surgical gloves have various and shapes and features like thinner and shaped finger pads for improved finger sensitivity and surgical finesse, has a smooth upper surface to reduce friction with instrumentation and tying sutures. The gloves come with a cuff printing of brand, size, L and R for easy identification and a sticky band for better sleeve grip.