Ansell  manufactures occupational healthcare products and markets them to every industry in Asia Pacific region. The occupational healthcare products from Ansell would include chemical resistant gloves, special purpose gloves, general purpose gloves, critical environment gloves, cut resistant gloves, rainwear, aprons, sleeves, vests and disposable gloves.

Ansell is a provider of protective apparel and gloves. The products are specialised to various industrial purpose and are categorised in to chemical resistant gloves, heat resistant gloves, cut resistant gloves and gloves for general common applications. Ansell also offers clothing and apparel for various industrial applications.

The critical environment glove is a category of Ansell occupational healthcare product which in turn has various products with unique specification. An AccuTech 870 glove is a type of critical environment glove that is manufactured with 100 per cent natural rubber and free from fillers and pigments. Every glove manufactured is ISO 9002 registered and meets ASTM D 3578-91 for dimensions and critical defects. AccuTech 870 gloves are widely used by manufacturers, biotech sectors, laboratory and pharmaceuticals. AccuTech Ultra-Clean is another type of critical environment glove that matches the standard particulates.

Ansell also provides chemical resistant gloves with various types. Neox is a type of chemical resistant gloves and it is a neoprene coated which provides a better resistance to chemicals, cuts and abrasions. These Neox gloves are also interlocked with knit cotton lining that improves resistance to snag and punctures. Neox gloves covers the fingers providing a natural fit and comfortness. Neox gloves can be used by industrial people working with petrochemical and refining field, plating, metal fabrications, employees handling oils, acids, alcohols, solvents, hazmat work and degreasing.