ANSELL has launched AlphaTec gloves, featuring the new Ansell Grip Technology (AGT). Using a patent-pending manufacturing process, AGT means that less force is required to grip oily or wet objects. Microscopic channels in an ultra-thin nitrile layer directs fluids away from the grip surface, leaving a significant contact area dry with almost the same grip as under fluid-free conditions. According to Ansell, tests have shown that over a range of increasing weights, AGT provides a better wet/ oily grip than any other similar glove available on the market today. Oil grip tests on comparable gloves show that AlphaTec, with AGT, required between 34 and 69 per cent less grip force to lift an oily 4.5 kg object.

The improved grip means workers experience reduced hand fatigue and stress, which often leads to permanent injury such as carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injury. AlphaTec’s production process also ensures a safe chemical barrier. AlphaTec’s polymer coating does not penetrate the liner during the dipping process and therefore provides a polymer shell of consistent thickness leading to better protection for the skin.

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Source: Construction Contractor