Annandale Timber & Moulding  provides different types of moulds and rails as per customer’s requirements. Sundry moulding, crown moulding are few types of moulding available from Annandale Timber & Moulding.

The crown moulds are supplied in two parts. An anchor piece attached to the top of the cabinet and a decorative mould that is arrested by the anchor piece. The crown moulds are available in different types such as a CR-598 and a CR- 591B used as an anchor ,which is about 51mm in height and reaches to 27mm, another anchor product measures with 38mm in height and reaches 38mm. There are different types of facing boards available and the trim with different shapes like quad (quarter round), ovolo, and scotia. The nosing comes with various sizes.

Annandale Timber & Moulding also provides handrails that are supplied only in straight lengths with different measurements. Annandale Timber & Moulding has a stock range of about 150 moulding types that are featured in the official web site. If customers cannot find the moulding type they need in the stock list, they can request for a quote on producing their mould requirement.