Annandale Timber & Moulding  provides cornices and chair rails. There are three stock items for cornices like solid, square backs and cut-away hollow backs. The solid cornices from Annandale Timber & Moulding can be fixed on the vertical surface, while the cut-away cornices can be fixed to both horizontal surface and vertical surface.

The measurements for cornices are the same as the measure across the back and below. The vertical measurements for cornices available are CM-350 83×40mm, CO-177 66×mm, CO-71 64×60mm. the horizontal surface measurement for cornices are CO- 171 82×80mm, CO- 244 72×68mm, CO-423 68×62mm and many more types are available.

Customers can also find picture rails from Annandale Timber & Moulding. The picture rails includes various popular styles from the federation time and from 1920’s and 30’s styles. In most cases the picture rails are used during renovation works. The picture rails are available at various measurements to suit customers need.

Chair rails are another product available from Annandale Timber & Moulding. These chair rails are used to protect walls against the damages caused by chair backs as the chair rails are placed at a suitable height. Dado moulds a product of Annandale Timber & Moulding are also suitable for use as chair rails and both can be used in various decorative applications.