Annandale Timber & Moulding  is the leading manufacturer of moulding according to customer specific requirement. The different types of moulds available at Annandale Timber & Moulding are inlay moulds, bolection moulds, and dado moulds.

Customers can use the inlay and bolection moulds to frame inset sections or to create mock panels by planting them on flat surfaces. The inlay moulds are used in case of inset panels to sit within the recess and as for the rebated bolection moulds can be used to extend above the niche. These rebated bolection moulds are not fit for use on plane surfaces.

Annandale Timber & Moulding’ moulds like the inlay and bolection moulds could be used in other applications in case where a decorative mould in required. Dado mould is another type of mould available from Annandale Timber & Moulding, these dado moulds can be used as a border between different wall finishes. In case when the lower part of the wall is wallpapered while the upper part of the wall is painted, dado moulds can be used in-between them.

These moulds come in different measurements, as in case of inlay moulds it is available in 44x19mm, 38x15mm, 32x14mm, 40x13mm, 29x11mm and many more. These moulds come with respective codes.