amma earth products  offers Volvox proAqua varnishes that ensure beautiful wood surfaces. The Volvox proAqua varnishes are easy to use, as they are water-reducible and free from solvents. amma earth products vouchsafes to the enduring quality of Volvox proAqua varnishes that are ideal for interior and exterior use. The product helps to resist flaking, peeling and blistering.

amma earth products claims that Volvox proAqua varnishes can be applied on interior timber - doors, window frames, furniture, shelving and skirting boards and on exterior smooth planed timber, doors, windows, fascia boards, cladding and garden furniture. As the Volvox proAqua varnishes tend to become fluid when stirred, they are easy to apply with a brush, roller or spray gun.

One litre of Volvox proAqua varnishes will cover 11-14 sqm. As the product is quick drying, light sanding can be undertaken after 30 minutes and depending upon climate a second coat can be applied after one hour. Customers that want a clear finish for exterior timber, can use Volvox proAqua Clear Exterior Varnish. The product contains a UV light filter that protects the colour of wood from fading.