amma earth products  produces Volvox Herbal Priming Oil, based on high grade cold pressed flax oil, which allows vapour seep into wood. The herbal extract ingredient ensures additional biological protection against organisms that cause decay of wood. The product improves the natural look of wood. amma earth products assures that surfaces treated with Volvox Herbal Priming Oil will repel water and dirt and will not charge electro static energy.

amma earth products recommends the usage of Volvox Herbal Priming Oil to prime timber for further application of varnish, wax or paint. The product can be used for regular treatment of all absorbent timber such as cutting boards, bench tops, butcher blocks, and other food preparing utensils. The product is also suitable for maintaining interior timber, cork, linoleum, and absorbent stone.

Volvox Hard Oil from amma earth products can resist wear and tear. The oil will be clear on stone, while enhancing wood grain on timber. The oil is a hard wearing oil finish for interior surfaces like timber floors, furniture staircases, bench tops and on cork and porous stone.