amma earth products  provides safe alternatives to chemical based products. The company offers products made from organic raw materials as the natural choice for healthy living. amma earth products produces natural floor and furniture care products, healthy household cleaners, VOC free paints, varnishes, oil finishes and more. The company uses raw materials like citrus peel extracts, essential oils, seed oils, tree resins, inert mineral fillers, tree and bee waxes, lead-free dryers and natural pigments to produce paints, stains and waxes.

amma earth products assures that its plant-based paint products exude mild fragrance that enrich painting, finishing, and cleaning activities at home, business, or school. The company offers interior design products, which include Volvox clay décor, Volvox priming paint, Volvox gloss enamel paint and Volvox stain enamel paint.

amma earth products lists out the beneficial features of clay, which is a simple, durable, and adaptable material. Clay is cool in summer and warm in winter and bacteria and other micro organisms will not survive in clay. The Volvox Clay Décor is solvent free, non-drip, long-lasting wall and ceiling décor for interior and frost free exterior regions. The product can be used as an undercoat or medium for wall glazes, colour washes and marbling effects and can be applied to most surfaces like Gyprock, timber, masonry, brick and fibre cement without priming.

amma earth products claims that Volvox Clay Decor absorbs variations in humidity, odour from cooking or smoking and will not charge electro static energy. The product is developed from environmental principles and does not include any toxic petrol-chemicals. It consists of natural ingredients and is not tested on animals.