Amgrow Garden King  helps gardeners with various home garden products, which keep the soil fertile and improve soil nutrition. The soil nourishing products include potting mixes, soils, mulches and wetting agents. The potting mixes consist of a wide range and the African violet contains peat that ensures better growth and nutrients to assist flowering. The Biogrow for roses, citrus and deciduous plants plays the dual role of a potting and planting mix and contains Osmocote fertilizer.

Amgrow Garden King provides gardeners with two types of soils namely Garden mix ready to use soil and Supertop lawn repair and top dressing. The Garden mix ready to use soil contains quality organics and selected minerals in addition to water crystals. To improve the quality of soil, Amgrow Garden King provides Biogrow soil improver and planting compost featured with organic compost, slow release ferts, gypsum and water crystals. The organix garden compost offered by Amgrow Garden King is 100 per cent organic and improves water retention and soil structure.

Amgrow Garden King helps soils to retain moisture with its wetting agents such as AquaMagic, Wettasoil concentrate with seaweed and others. The AquaMagic is a water storage crystal that improves moisture retention in soils and potting mixes. The Wettasoil concentrate with seaweed facilitates permeation of water into the soil and re-wets over dry areas.