Amgrow Garden King  is one of the largest manufacturers of home garden products in Australia. The company distributes its products to garden centres, hardware outlets, variety stores and supermarkets across Australia. Gardeners can immediately recognize the Amgrow Garden King brands, which include, Amgrow potting mixes, mulches and soil conditioners, Garden King fertilizers, insecticides and fungicides, Chemspray plant protection products, Wettasoil soil wetting products, Shirley’s and Tropic lawn fertilizers, Nitrosol liquid plant foods, Organix natural growing solutions and Nu-Erth potting mixes.

Amgrow Garden King offers products that control pests, weeds and diseases. Pest control products from Amgrow Garden King include Chemspray antiscale insecticides, ant killer dust, ant, spider and cockroach killers, garden insect sprays, clear white oil, Garden King bug kill home and garden insect sprays, Conquer, fix ant granules and many more.

To control weeds, Amgrow Garden King offers various products including Chemspray Bin-Die selective lawn herbicides; Garden King Bindii clover selective lawn herbicides; courtyard and paving weeders; Eraze; Glypho 360 total weed killers; Chemspray multiweed all purpose lawn weeders and others.

To control diseases that affect garden plants, Amgrow Garden King supplies Chemspray copper oxychlorides; Garden King fongarid systemic; ACS lawn and garden fungicides; Chemspray lime sulphurs; Mancozeb; and Garden King sulphur sprays.