Amgrow Garden King  provides fertilizers and manures under different names including Amgrow fertilizers, garden essential fertilizers, Garden King fertilizers, Garden King liquid fertilizers, lawn fertilizers and manures. Azalea, Camellia and Gardenia organix is an organic fertilizer suitable for plants that love azaleas, camellias and other acids. The Blood and Bone 8kg bucket organix is completely organic, safe and can be used for any plant. Dolomite organix, Fishfert organix, Ferticote, Fruit tree and citrus organix, and Gypsum organix are some other Amgrow fertilizers.

Amgrow Garden King’s garden essential fertilizers comprise sulphates of ammonia and potash, superphosphate and urea. Sulphate of ammonia is an economical nitrogen source that promotes lush growth of leafy plants and lawns. The sulphate of potash helps fruits and vegetables gain quality, colour and health, while flowers receive deep colours and stems get strengthened.

The Garden King fertilizer products from Amgrow Garden King enrich the soil of gardens and help plants and shrubs with their nutrients. The Garden King all purpose plant food is a balanced and whole fertilizer that enriches the garden soil. The Garden King citrus plant food is replete with nutrients and provides a balanced fertilizer for citrus plants.