The steel frames supplied by AMBF , are manufactured from Onesteel galvanised steel or from Zincalume high strength steel. These high strength steel frames are highly resistant to corruption from rust, and are termite proof.

The use of AMBF corrosion resistant steel frames, in the construction of a building, also makes the building resistant to cyclones, as AMBF steel is extremely strong and does not bend even on the application of great force. The effects of lightning on a building will be much lower when compared to a normal timber made structure, as a building made of AMBF steel frames is much better earthed.

The high strength steel frames from AMBF are riveted or bolted and not welded as it is done in case of other steel frames, thereby not compromising on the steel corrosion treatment that they are subjected to. The corrosion resistant steel frames come with pre-punched holes thereby simplifying and economising the installation of electrical and plumbing services.

Since the steel frames from AMBF are prefabricated, customers are assured of consistent quality that is independent of ambient weather conditions, as well as delivery on time. All fixings that are needed to join the steel frames, along with comprehensive drawings required for installation are also supplied. On site help with the installation is also provided, if required.