AMBF is a result of the merger of two old and established engineering companies, with considerable building experience. AMBF has successfully designed, manufactured and supplied steel frames for residential and light commercial buildings. Some of the uses of these steel frames have been in construction of steel frames for floors, walls and roofs. Traditionally all these areas were constructed using timber.

Due to advances achieved as a result of in-house research and development, AMBF can now rapidly detail, design and manufacture any type of building framework that has to be installed as the skeleton for the final building. The AMBF supplied steel frames for buildings are supplied as completely factory assembled hence these are ready to install.

The design of the steel frames from AMBF can be customised to suit the unique needs of any building. The buildings manufactured with AMBF steel are perfectly shaped and even the roof lines do not sag due to the superior build and strength of AMBF steel frames. By using AMBF steel frames for buildings, the owner of the building will be able to achieve significant cost reduction in terms of not only maintenance but also insurance costs as the steel frames do not burn and hence result in lower insurance premiums for the building.