AMBF is involved in the design and manufacture of structurally certified, building frames. With long experience in manufacturing and implementing building frames coupled with the use modern technology and engineering, AMBF provides quality solutions to suit all types of building needs.

Using AMBF steel as the frame for a building has distinct advantages when compared to wood. The steel frames offered by AMBF are termite resistant and these termite resistant steel frames do not need subsequent remedial work that a normal wood frames requires.

The frames provided by AMBF are also superior in terms of their strength when compared to the strength of wooden frames. During the construction of the building the steel frames from AMBF are easier to handle as they are typically half the weight of normal wooden frames. The lightness of the frames also aid in the reduction of erection time for a building.

The overall cost of manufacturing a house with steel frames from AMBF is comparable to that of constructing the house with traditional wooden frames. The real benefits that the building owner will derive will be in the form of reduced labour costs and lesser post construction maintenance costs.