Amare Safety  has been providing quality products to the safety industry in Australia for a number of years. Amare Safety has been providing its customers with some of the world’s best safety products that are cost effective too. The workplace safety range from Amare Safety includes products like fire fighting knapsacks, smoke detectors, fire blankets, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, water and foam extinguishers, soaps, chemical powder fire extinguishers, knee shields and various types of storage cabinets.

The hearing protection range from Amare Safety includes products to ensure complete protection of the user from hazardous ambient noises while working. Some of the offerings in this range are various types of corded and uncorded earplugs, disposable earplugs and helmet attached earplugs.

Amare safety has a number of offerings in the respiratory protection series of products. Amare Safety offers full face respirators, gas and particle filters, flat fold respirators, welding respirators, gas filters and particulate filters just to name a few types of products.

Amare Safety also offers a number of gloves for industrial and general purpose use like freezer gloves, welding gloves, cut resistant gloves and sun gloves just to name a few.